April 29th, 2008


Almost there!

* suitcase
* backpack - almost all packed
- minus: computer, power cord, reading book, some jewelry
* dishes covered
* cat toys packed
- minus: drinking bowl.... possibly second bowl for food? Mom has one... never mind. they will live.
* clean up living room/put paper down for spraying
* clean up bedroom/prep bathroom for spraying
* bug bombs in place
* bring Isis cat cage in
* bring suitcase downstairs
* load the car
* bring jewelry supplies for last minute repairs to person's shit custom made necklaces
* continue to freak out that I missed something
* OH! pack pic of AT that was also signed by CJ back in 2005 (at my first con ever!) or not... am bringing AoT DVD, so maybe have that signed? I have no clue!!
* looke at pretty British Pound money

Am watching TV like a TV whore to clear up as much space for the next 2 weeks... may also make sure that the shows are set to new... but seeing as a lot of shows are new... *sigh* we shall see. I hope to get up early and be out of here and on my way up to Dallas by 9 or 10