May 8th, 2008


The one where I have blisters on my feet...

Oh yes, no pain, no gain, and finally not creepy Italian guy trying to lure me into his place. Oh but the views! The walking! the pictures! *hits photobucket's maintenance crew* edit: works now, just click on the links please... thank you!

I hopped the bus from Forest Hill, where I am staying with the ever lovely starbuck1980 and ana_khoui, from there it took me to the Elephant and Castle station (dang, I forgot to take a pic of the Elephant and the Castle, seriously, it's like tooo cute!) and I rode the District Line to Waterloo, transfered to the Jubilee Line and popped out at Westminster. Apparently it's not West-min-ister, but West-min-ster... odd since mostly the "w" get's screwed out of being said ... anyway, go Brits!

So arrived and exited with every other tourist on the bloody planet. I took the "Downing Street" exit cause ya, why not pop in for some tea... just managed to not ever get close I think. So walked across the street, and warning, funny/idiot story ahead: I was walking next this awesome building, really nice architecture and the gardens below, somehow i thought this was a church. So kept walking, took some pics, and I have this thing where I like to take the 180˚ shot, so looking over to the... left (I want to say South West, but I am not sure) i saw the London Eye and that is when the clicking started.

So ya, cool view of it from the other bank, and so I turn back to the pretty building next to me, and take some pics of it too, cause it's really nice. I am looking at this building and I happen to look up (insert dumb American here) and OMG IT'S BIG BEN!! ya. opps. So anyway, took some (hopefully) good pics of Big Ben.

So walked and walked, tried to not look like a dorky tourist, but I am sure I failed, sadly. I guess the whole taking out the camera bit gave me away. But it was a BEAUTIFUL day (hi of 77˚F) and breezy, and the water... yes I could have stayed there all day. And there was a book fair in the middle of the path! How awesome... almost bought a book until I did the £3 conversion and it is about $6 so not really a deal in that sense plus lugging a book back with me. Took some pics of these cool real statues. Very nice. They are real people... just still! Freaked out the little kids! heeh!

And the views were awesome. So I troop on, following the rest of the crowd, listening to the multi-lingual groups around me, just really enjoying a walk on the water... and then I rounded a corner, and this Italian guy (well found out later he was Italian) comes beside me walking his bike and comments on the homeless guy we pass. And we strike up a conversation.

Travel tip #1: When far far away from home, yes, you have a boyfriend. You have many. Lots. And you do cool exotic job and that's why you are in this new place.

All other travel tips can be ignored after this one.

So ya, we walked, "made picture" of the Globe

some awesome buildings

(next to the Globe)
(and net to that)
(Clink Prison)
(and one who never got out)
(random Church)
(random building)

and just cool shots. He was nice, we made conversation... and than I just wanted to dump him in the river and run away. Which was about what happened... minus the dumping and the river and the running. Dude, get a hint. NO means.. oh I don't know.... NO! sheesh!

So ya came to the Tower Bridge - NOT what we think the London Bridge looks like - the London Bridge is this unassuming concrete looking thing. Quite depressing when you have the Tower Bridge right next to it. I'd have renamed the Tower Bridge the Stinking London Bridge just because it's so much cooler than the real London Bridge, and now I am rambling... soo....
(the view!)

Walked over the bridge and by then I was so tired, I estimate I walked almost 4 miles yesterday. ya. my feet noticed. So I took the Underground back from Bath station to Elephant and Castle, and caught the bus to Forest Hill and hoofed it back up the "Hill" part of the Forest. *pant pant*

Hill to Emma's "other" house:

Oh! and the doors and locks around here... ODD! there is the lock, which is lower on the door, and then another lock which isn't a lock, but rather a door handle of sorts. So I stood at the front entrance for 10 min GRR! So got in, and luckily the door to the flat is a bit less testy, so opened that, saw the flat, and crawled in. I was sooooooooo happy to see "home."

Got on the internet and saw Mom, Dad, Angie... ya. chatted with them. Being 7 hours ahead is kinda strange because on my computer it says 2am, but on the clock it says 8am. Fun.

So besides two small blisters on my feet, I am still alive, and really having a blast. Emma asked if I was homesick yet, but not really cause it feels like America, just another city, until you try to cross the road and have to look left and not right or right and not left, or you will become a smooshed person. It still odd to look out the window and see the cars on the "wrong" side of the road, but even that is growing on me. I do however miss my girls. Mom gives me updates and it seems as if Isis is coming around, comes out and lets Mom pet her in the morning and afternoons, she says Aset is really good too, stays under the bed with Isis and then comes out to be with the rest of the family. I have a feeling I will have mad cats when I get back. Oh well... mommy misses you! *kisses kitties*

And that's the big adventure! I may go out today, or not, since Emma and I are going to Christchurch this evening... and ya. I'll have a AT3 post-blues post soon too... I may do that this weekend, even so I don't have internet out in Christchurch... Yeah shows on computer! But I am sad my time in London is coming to an end sooner than I wanted... *sniffle sniffle* BUT I will be back for AT4, so that makes me smile!

*hugs flist and new friends!*

Edit: will load more pics when battery is recharged... :) Will upload more pics in general when have time again!


Ana_K would be proud! I have electrical tape on the bottom of my foot, holding a piece of tissue paper to my now open blister... um, maybe I helped it along a bit? But now it's even worse... but I have electrical tape on my foot! I need some of this when I get back to the states.

However, Emma, could you be so kind and bring home some bandaids if you find some? good thing i wasn't planning on going far cause now the foot is making it hard to go to the loo... I'll figure something out after a shower i suppose...