May 11th, 2008


Face Like a Slapped Ass

Yes today, I had a face like a slapped ass. So I was told I needed to use this very British expression as a LJ title, and I must admit, it convays more than "I had a sucky day and I was frowning like a little bitch."

I hate leaving my home (home being friends and/or family) and going back to another place (or for this conversation, across a short body of water to another country)... and so I get either very bitchy and ready to snap a small whale in two (mom can attest) or go all weepy and withdrawn and really bitchy too... So really, yes common is bitchy...

Anyway. Had a AWESOME (which should be a British word) time in Christchurch. Met starbuck1980's mum and we went into town walking around the church and cemetery it was very pretty. We bought dinner and had it in the cemetery before hopping the bus back to her house. We brought the pillows upstairs to Emma's room and had a right sleep over. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday Emma and I went to the coast and watched the silly people play in the cold sea. We agreed the beach was really crowded, but the day was nice and overcast, so that probably brought the people to the coast. We walked into town, window shopped, I got the first Harry Potter (yes, I am dork, here me be dorky - common, it's the British version!) and some fun little doodads. We returned a shirt Emma got for her birthday for a bigger size, and decided to run down the hill to catch the bus. I am happy to say I was wishing for a belt... I think these pants, which fit nicely before I left, are much too loose now. :)

Moving on. We went out to eat at this place next to the water, picking up Ana_K on the way. On Friday night Emma and I had made a Gluten free cake and some awesome icing. I did the cake, Emma did the icing. It was a Ameri-Brit cake and it kicked ass. YUM! So after dinner, we all squeezed into the car and went back to Emma's mum's. When I say squeezed, I mean squeezed. (pics will come when I have them off the camera) Anyway, we all had a good time. That night we all slept upstairs, not really sure what we would do this morning (Sunday morning)... we wanted to get a train early because we didn't want it to get too late when we got back to London so we could watch Dr. Who (I am sooooo spoiled now. we are far ahead of what the US is watching now...) and BSG.... plus I have my flight to Germany on Monday (tomorrow) before noon, but have to leave here around 8(ish) to make sure I get there in time. So I guess that means I need to go to bed at a "reasonable" time. HAH! .. right, where was I.

So all day all three of us have been pretty moody. All for different reasons (and no, PMS isn't really involved... at least not for me. TMI? Ya... well read someone elses blog than.) Me, for aboved stated reason. But I was accomplished! I finished the last 4 eps of Torchwood (WHAT THE HELL!!! CAN NO ONE WARN A GIRL? Oh right. I go spoiler free.. shit) and blasted 2 eps of NCIS S3 outta the water. :) Go me! Ana_K took me to this overlook to see the Tower Bridge one last time and I took some nice pics again. Ana_K and I had our "mini" adventure on our way back (Emma had already gone back to the flat to start dinner or cleaning... something.) but we got chicken, and Ana_K (the "non-cook") made us dinner again. For no cooking skills she has been keeping me well feed. :) Mom you'll be happy to know!

So anyway, our day had a bit more drama, tears, way more emotional baggage than all the bloody tourists in London, but you know what? For having a face like a slapped ass, I am smiling as much as I can.... you know those hand prints can leave bruises.

Next destination: Germany. *waaaa!* I wanna stay here now!!
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