May 12th, 2008


Happy Birthday Emma!!

My dear sweet Emma:

FINALLY we have met! And we have done all the things we have done in the years of friendship - laughed, cried, made stupid comments, and funny faces. We have done it all, and in the same room... I think that is even more frightening now!

But really, *HUGS* to you hon, for being the real friend, the caring friend, the odd-ball English friend... but most of all, the patient, kind, loving and the soft spoken one who corrects us Americans on our words. :) Of course "Acton Town" will forever be tainted by my "Action Town" outburst... can't leave all of London intact. LOL!


wrap your arms around your self and squeeze, cause that's me, squeezing you! (from closer than the States, but still far away)

You are made of awesome hon! Thanks for liking me!