May 18th, 2008


I'm baaaaccckkk!!!

*collapses on USA soil*

Well after my 10hr, disaster riddled flight from Frankfurt to Dallas, and after a weekend with my parents finishing their church retreat.... I am finally back in their house, and petting and loving on my kitties!

So my flight... Collapse )
So over all, my trip was AWESOME (yup, that word again)... and to all my new friends (and the ones I finally saw face to face) *HUGE HUGGLES* I hope we all can come back for AT4 whenever that is!!

I promise to have a AT3 recap sometime too... I have 400 pics of the weekend but maybe 100 that are actually good. I have more good ones of us as a group (and food Diane!) so I will have to start to upload all those pics... and the rest of London, and than the ones from Germany... OI! I have like 600+ pics on my camera, and almost 400 on my photobucket. Thank goodness for big memory cards...

ANYhow, once more I advocate TRAVEL to everyone. It not only makes you see people, but awesome places that, even so they look like your home, are almost like from a dream. Beautiful meadows (or English countryside) to amazing castles (German Schloss) they all make you realize how big (and small) this world is. People are people no matter where you are, we simply all speak another language (even in England!)

Next big travel: Boston in December for my friend's wedding!! And maybe PR if I have money/job to see Ani!