May 22nd, 2008


2 Parts Confusion, 1 Part Eye Twitch

You know when you visit your parents (or grandparents) home and it has kinda changed, but you know your way around in the dark, no matter what? I had that feeling today as I drove to Huntsville, TX. I lived there for 3 1/2 years, going to college, making friends, and really just trying to find who I was to be as an adult.

So why was I in Huntsville? Well, you see... I had an interview there. Ya, I said interview... for (sit down please... or remain in your seats) the local newspaper - the Huntsville Item.

*insert repeated panic and head desk movements*

I got a call OUT OF THE BLUE on Tuesday night (like 8pm) and it was the Managing Editor, wondering if I was still looking for a Journalism job. I said... yes. Well, I am... sorta. So I figure, ok, why not? So we set up the interview for today at 2pm, and I figure, it may help clarify my direction to continue to persue my teaching degree.

So I went, and it was like being back in college, it was really cool to be back in the town. I haven't been back since shortly after I graduated in 2003. So I find the place, and go in, have the interview... and *insert eye twitch* it clarified things only a bit! AHUG!

So the details *the devil is always in the details* are this: it's a bigger staff 4-5 reporters; it's a community oriented (or going toward community oriented) newspaper for Walker County/Huntsville; it's a 7 day a week, morning print paper; salary maybe about what I made at the Marlin Democrat; has health care; I have to move from Marlin to Huntsville; they don't know when they will make a decision; they may have another opening in a month or so.

Mom thinks this call came so that I go into my decision with eyes wide open. That I don't "regret" not finding a writing position and teaching is the "only thing" I can do. I have come a long way in accepting that I am not defined as "Christine the Journalist" and nothing else. I can honestly say I enjoy teaching (somedays) and having my writing as mine. If I go back to journalism, I'd love it, but would be sooooo busy. I'd be lucky to have a few days off, and sounds like going non-stop during the day. Of course the staff is young (fresh grads or a few years out) and very fun.

So! Dear flist. once more. I am asking for you to help (or simply read and listen to my head scratches) for how I should look at this new ... development. *sigh* I know I need to not wait for this position before I make my decision on my teaching degree... which leads me to #2...

I was accepted into the program *small dance* and can choose from 3 degrees - 4-8 English, 8-12 English and 8-12 Journalism. So... unless it doesn't cost a whole whooping much more, I may add the Journalism certification to the English... but which English? I know there are 2 openings in the area for High School English teachers (8-12), and one for Jr. High.

So any teachers on my flist? Anyone in education? I know I have a few... so you are the ones I'd like to pic your brain *yum yum* ... is it better to get the lower grade certification and work in those grades, and try to move up? (I think 8-12 could be fun cause they are almost adults and could have some challenging discussions) Or should I just do the 8-12 certification? Would that restrict me from going to the lower grades (if I become mental and want to teach some 4-6 grade kids)... EEP!

Ok, so there ya go. My adventure! And now I go and catch up on my DVR TV shows... from the past 3 weeks. :) Thanks in advance!!


Ok, so I am hideously behind in my TeeVee watching, yet with all the damn ads everywhere, I know the winner of AI, but will still watch ever ep cause maybe I like to just do that... so anyway, am watching CSI:LV and had the OMT moment!!

The Mythbusters are in an ep called "The Theory of Everything" LOLOLOL as two of the people watching the experiment!

Ok will go back to my private laughter!
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