June 3rd, 2008



Well I will NOT bore you with my very BORING and PITIFUL existence my life has come to. But I will throw a random question out...

why the hell do people create icontest if they are not going to run the damn thing after 3 or 5 rounds? (and NO this is NOT aimed toward those on my flist who have icontest coms *glares at them* you are awesome.) I open all the icontests I am involved in (or want to participate in someday) which are about ... about 15. granted one is a officially closed/dead SG-1 com, and one is a torchwood one which appears to not have been touched since last year... but some have "raise of LJ hands" to get them back open. some are "will post next challenge next week" - 5 months ago!

as it is there are about 7-8 kinda active icontests I make my weekly rounds on. Not all I can get done. but I am pretty good at getting them in. which reminds me, i need to updated my icons so you all can laugh look at them. maybe that's what i'll do instead of sleeping...

something else i haven't been keeping up with... oh well..