June 10th, 2008



My plan: come home after work and finish Army Wives and go to bed.

I came home at 11. I finished Army Wives at 12(ish).

It's 2:05am and I am yawning finally.

I hate having my insomnia is back. Can someone take this stress so I can go to bed like a real person again?

ok. bed. now. turning dr. phil off. now. really. ok off... now bed. really,....
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The one where my night went... interesting.

Behold... My Future
I will marry David Tennent.
After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Sydney in our fabulous Mansion.
We will have 4 kid(s) together.
Our family will zoom around in a Pink Miada.
I will spend my days as a Time Lord Companion, and live happily ever after.
whats your future

Oh kick a! Ani, I think it's safe to say we will have room for you in our mansion. We may not be home... much, but you have a place to stay! and look, kids. whose are they?

So ya... interesting night. I gave my number to a guy. >.< but I know him so it wasn't like a 'oh ya, here' kinda thing. He's nice. in the National Guard. Is 21. thinks I am cute as hell (his words) and wonders what's wrong with the guys because I have never been asked out. Oh and thinks it's odd, but cool that at 27 i'm still a virgin. We exist... get over it!

So ya. I'm off tomorrow to Waco to find a prep book and copy the pages... I hope. I got the OK to sign up for my teaching certification for next Sat. so now I am in MAJOR EEP mode... you can tell because I am frazzled more than normal... oh and more random. and more forgetful, and don't sleep... so ya. I think I am gonna wonder upstairs and spy my Advil PM and see if I can go to bed before 1 or 2am tonight... wish me luck! HA!

*hugs my flist* thanks for listening to me whine. There is cheese in the fridge, help yourself.
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