June 25th, 2008


Oh. Ok. Sure.

Well no fun update. Just one of those, hey,what did that odd girl on my flist do today, kinda post.

I finally called the bug terminators (or exterminators, since really he wasn't all Terminator, rather passive, if you ask me) yesterday and they came out today, so they sprayed the areas they could get to inside (read Chris has her crap lined against the walls because a. there is only 2 closets and b. she was too poor/lazy/had a job to get shelving... among other things.) and sprayed/dusted the underside of my house. So, this means I may see more bugs for the next few days/weeks trying to escape the invisible line of DEATH around my house. I can live with that. And yes, it is not going to hurt my fluffy girls, I asked about 5000000000 times.

Today was a day off, so I just ended up cleaning and putting things away. Did I mention I got my first batch of London pics I ordered? Ya, I went through Snapfish because Photobucket's service is absolute crap to me. So I found another way. *sticks tongue out at Photobucket's printing service*

I started watching The Darjeeling Limited, but turned it off cause really, I am not in the mood for an ultra idiotic movie. I also rented Goya's Ghost and Bella, so I have Goya in my dvd player atm, but am thinking of hooking up the wireless and trolling upstairs.

Ah, an appeal to my other computer/tech savvy folk - I have wireless *praise God* that dad had at his house (the box, not the service) but I seem to have a problem keeping the wireless on 24/7. It seems to cut off after 2 or 3 hours, even when I am using it. Very annoying. It just stops broadcasting even so all the lights are on and stuff. If I disconnect the power to the wireless, it goes back to saying it can't find anything, so I have to hard wire the cables back into my laptop. Like I said, annoying, but ok, since I am used to being in the livingroom with the comp. Just nice to finally sit in my bed and chat with pp.

which is what I am about to do now... night!
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