June 26th, 2008



I am one episode away from FINALLY finishing HEX *grins at Emma* Yes, I totally now see why you lot don't care for it. Cheese much? ya. OI!

I got my last batch of pics back and have now pics of my girlies!!

I have this pic of Aset as an 8x10 - http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y108/sgRebel1/Aset/DSC_1286.jpg and this pic of Isis as an 8x10 - http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y108/sgRebel1/Isis/PA250605.jpg (yes I know Isis looks young in that pic. but really, it's too cute. Not like I am not going to have more pics I'll want to blow up later too.) Me is happy! I have pics of when both of them were young, Aset more than Isis of course, but to look at those baby pics and than look at them now... no wonder parents marvel at their kids!

Also in the package was LONDON and CHRISTCHURCH pics!!! YEAH!!!! So now I can really continue to lay out my scrapbook. Ah and for Sapph who (I think) asked me about my scrapbooking... err.. I'm not a professional, no training, not that people really do for personal scrapbooks. I organize my pics by subject or theme, and before I cut, paste or anything, I drop them in my album, I get those bit sleeved, one page albums. I finish sorting, and go back through each sleeve, taking out pics I like, cutting how I like, usually to get rid of excess white space, unless it just really works for the pic, and than arrange them on the page. I usually don't do scrapbook pages, but sometimes I like to, so pick one that is the size of your page, trim or maybe cut half of it, or 3/4, with fancy scissors or something, put the pics down with scrapbook glue or my fav, double sticky tape (omt the best thing I have in my card making/scrabooking supply box) and layout! I usually embellish a bit with stickers and stuff, and I will usually write the story behind the pics or id all the people in there. Cause in a few years, will you really remember all the people on the trip? Well, I hope if they were family and friends, yes, but also to help the passerby who looks at your album too.

:) AH and my next module opened for my teaching stuff, so I am heading upstairs to use my new printer, and also went over to the school to turn in my letter to continue subbing incase I don't get hired/pass my exam, and as an off chance I asked if they have any openings in the high school/middle school, and they have an opening in 8th grade, Language Arts! WEEE!!!!

Torchwood Fic: Harder Then Death; PG; Owen Harper

Title: Harder Then Death
Author: chris4short
prompt_in_a_box: Round #4
Prompt #3: "The heart asks pleasure first, and then, excuse from pain." Emily Dickinson
Word Count: 679
Genre: *sigh* angst
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for Torchwood Ep. Fragments (S2)
Fandom: Torchwood
Character: Owen Harper
Summary: Well... I don't know if most people would have chosen the way I see the prompt, but than again, not everyone is trying to be an High School English teacher. Of course, I think this would get a 'F' if handed in for an English course, but than again, I don't have the proper time to explore the true meaning of the poem, and really, spur of the moment writing is more fun! HA!

Found here, at my shared com - Owen's life began and ended perhaps the same time Jack showed up. Frakin' hero.
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