July 1st, 2008


um... hot? try FRAKIN hot.

I want to be doing that ----> (my avatar)
Ok I should be sleeping. But ya.

Tomorrow is packed full of jam, including, but not limited to, buying a new window AC unit, ceiling fan, and wedding scrapbook supplies. Ah and a visit to the bank. Perhaps a quick trip into Barnes and Noble (actually, there is no such thing as "short trip" when it comes to that place) and hit up Wally-World for another binder for my teaching stuff.

My friend's boyfriend (ok the whole Tammy issue is a post and a half on it's own, and no one wants to hear my pitiful whines about that) came over *finally* and took a look at my AC and fan. Prognosis: My AC's compressor is going out and I need a new AC unit. Wee. Fan, well, a motor would apparently cost more, and perhaps be more lengthy to install, so a new fan for the living room too.

The best part is I can deduct it all from my rent. However, May's rent check (as far as last checked) didn't clear. I'll ask when I am at the bank I suppose. So, my solution, is to cut a check for June AND July all together, minus the Terminex contract I had to initiate, the AC unit which I told him needed replacing sometime this summer, and the new fan. So... $130 for bugs-b-frakin-gone, and I am thinking $200 or so for AC, and $100 or so for fan... so about $160 for 2 months... SWEET!

In other news, beloved Stargate actor Don S. Davis passed on Sunday. Met him at my very first con, in Dallas 2005. He was so nice, he and his wife, Ruby, sat there and talked to me and my friend, desert_jess for a while after... even as creation con personnel were shooing us out. Such a nice, talented, down to earth man. He will be missed.
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