July 16th, 2008


of interviews and vintage suitcases

Interview. OMG. As I told mom, the most uninterested interviewer I have ever had interview me. I brought all the enthusiasm to the conversation and topic. So maybe that will stick with him "Hm... Christine K. she was enthusiastic for 9am." Sheesh! I got there and the secretary was eating cake that had been left over from some meeting last night... it looked so good and yummy and reminded me I needed to go shopping .... and after the 35min interview, i resolved that the new principal needed cake more than I did. I mean common!

The questions were simply read off some highlighted sheet... tell me about your self, have you ever been asked to leave a position, what would your co-workers do (he had to look up twice where I currently work "movie gallery" *said in retarded voice*), what annoys you most about co-workers (I said that they are human too LOL), why do I want to teach in Marlin, what would I bring (coffee. much coffee. and chocolate covered cocoa beans *yum yum* and... oh ya, excitement!).... really I was getting all bent out of shape over nothing. It just seemed like an ordinary interview. Of course than he did get off on a small tangent about how there is a 8th Grade Math opening and maybe aids or library person because of my computer skills. Um... no, actually I'd like to be only considered for the job I am currently interviewing for, oh ya, and, kinda, sorta important, the content area i am *hopefully* certified in. Holy Hannah! I mean hello!!

So. After that lovely was done, called mom, told her how it went... weee.... drove home, remembered I needed milk to have cereal, and some other things to call food... so went shopping weee! refridge looks nice. Not that'll want to eat any of it come lunch time....

on the back home, i was about to pass the thrift store, when I screeched into the parking lot, ok not really, but it sounds more exciting. sheesh I swear that's my goal today to make things EXCITING. so even so I have milk and ice cream (opps) in the car, i jump out in hopes (vain hopes) to find a pair of jeans i can tear to shreds to make this jean blanket I started cutting. Yup, am going to try my hand on this! just need to do 126 rectangles! whoo hoo - 2 jeans make 30 or so. and those were my way to skinny jeans. not that I am currently fat. just... fluffier at the moment. moving on. So didn't see jeans i wanted to use, asked thrift lady if she could keep an eye out on ripped up jeans and stuff, after talking to her, left my number and name and yadda yadda... and saw these AWESOME suitcases!!

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Happy Birthday Ani!!

Here is an important birthday... of course it will be even more special when you actually are here! so I went around, looking for something that would give you an idea of what to expect, ya know, like cake wise cause everyone needs cake... but um... I only found this...


So whenever you get back to reading this... I can't say your cake will look like that - the cake, not John, the cake - but I'll try to give you as much of a awesomnessesssss b-day you have never had and will always remember.

You are sweet, smart, driven, independent, and a fierce friend. You live, love and laugh strong and I am humbled that you'd call me friend (and roommate)..

have a happy, happy LEGAL birthday!!

*smooshy huggles*
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