July 30th, 2008


What. The. Frak!!!

I just go to grab my mail, with poor Aset clinging to me - I take them out to get the mail sometimes only in my arms, no roaming - and I am shocked to find out...


Ok not MY house, but I live here! I rent my half the house! WHAT THE HELL!! I just talked to the realitor, who I know, and she was shocked I didn't know. So now I have a working phone number for my landlord, after 2 years, and am not sure what to say. I JUST spent so much money to fix up my half of the house, and now... I see a for sale sign? Good thing I live in a small, small small town and the way things go here, I will not have to worry about being evicted for a while... but a call would have been nice!!! I MEAN HELLO!!!!

*head desk* Does it look like i can handle more? Does it God? Really?
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