August 1st, 2008


New Icons... ish

I'm working on icontests, and some random icon bases, but took a break to make, and present, a new icon I just made. Of course it was inspired by a pic of Amanda and Micheal sneaking a quick snog at ComicCon... them devils!


Take, like, no, share, comment, credit is love... yup yup... back to SGA, which I have already missed most of! whoo hoo! Go re-runs!

edit Here is the original pic:

I'm a Lemmin... didn't know it did ya?

Ok, thank you soooo much 6beforelunch cause you made me showed me where to drown my muse at the apocalypse_kree... because apparently the Apocalypse fic we undertook with a whole other prompt LJ wasn't enough. And of course having a pesky title swarm before me and irk me to death to pick the bloody perfect prompt (which about killed me... sheesh, that alone should have made me hit the 'back' button)... no, no... we need to do another fic.

Really though, 6beforelunch I loved *LOVED* your last one, so I think that is what the muse was saying when I clicked and made my agonizing decision. I'm happy as long as *both* my apocalyptic fics get done. Ok or one.. damn.

And some pimpage...