August 18th, 2008


Meme! Stolen from... lots of people!

Seen this one on the flist of awesome (that would be mine, btw)... so bold/italic the one ones that discribe you... let's see how messed up I am!

Collapse )

Well... isn't interesting how one needs to fit a label to all people because one person was that way? Sad. Of course some of us do fit the "label" but that doesn't mean we are any more wrong than the next person. It means we have our minds. And I think the scariest thing is when everyone starts thinking alike or is forced not to to think about something because it's "wrong" - we all can make our own decisions, so why not just let everyone voice their views? *sigh*

I did crack up on the "Texan = own and ride horses" ... Too bad they didn't have anything for us Northern folks... it could be added... "I live in NEW ENGLAND, so I MUST be rich and snobbish" fun meme!
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