August 27th, 2008


Eeep I need to go to bed... [12:22a]

I dyed my hair tonight! Whoot! Tammy and Angie were having a dying party, so I went out to Wally-world and got me some dye too. I really really like it. It's almost my natural brown with brightish red streaks in them. My boss told me (she advised me in the color selections) that I had to come by, so I will take the camera and have her take some pics.

The funny thing is Aset keeps coming over and sniffing my hair. Oh chemicals how I love thee... you make my kitty so confused!

On a more (or less) random topic, I strongly dislike the new Firefox layout. Reminds me of Safari... and if I wanted Safari-esque like windows I'd be using Safari.. no? Sadly I can't find how to get it un-updated so I can have my none blocky look back. *pouts*