August 28th, 2008


(no subject)

Oh. My. Gosh. If I didn't love that frakin ball of gray fur, her ass would so be out of my house!

*looks at Sissy* be warned.

I finished Twilight and read the first chapter (nicely contained in said book) of the next book, which I am patiently waiting to arrive at my doorstep so I can have the physical copy in my hands. I didn't get to bed until close to 1p. Not a big deal I guess. *curses good books*

So I get up and I grab my book because Aset, the aforementioned ball of fur, had taken to play on my dresser - again - and generally really irking me. So I am here in the living room cleaning my inbox, checking outside for the UPS man, and thinking about breakfast (somewhat all at the same time) when I pick up the book and notice it's a bit flimpsier then it was yesterday. Granted it's a paperback, but still. So I open the book and I about die.

You know how a water stain looks on the inside of book pages? Yes. Oh oh yes.... the water cat decided to put a scrunchy on the book (I know cause I tossed it off) and I guess had it on there longer than I thought. Not that the book was in great condition (even so I bought it new) - the cover has a few punctures, not teeth - I have those on shoes and other books - because I know how I am with my books, careful but I love them too, so they get worn. But water! AAAHAHAHA!!!

It only warped the last 1/5 of the book. I have a frakin retard of a cat. Who is now trying to snuggle with me. Grrr.