September 12th, 2008



Are there any psychologist or mental health people on my flist? *laughs with others who wonder the same thing*

You see I have been introduced to an interesting (and long time interest) thing about my friends' to be hubby - he actually is exhibiting multiple personalities. Look up the book or movie "Sybil" and you will get a clear picture. She said that one personality has always been there (they named him Tyler) and they acknowledge it was a defense mechinism that's built up. but there is a new one now too - calling it self 'Jack' - and he is like the hubby to be (has a backstory that looks like his own life) but hubby to be didn't know he... created this one? Tyler and Jack are basically Devil (Tyler) and Angel (Jack)....

So my question is... can multiple personalities be unsupressed due to trauma (ie. he had a concussion in March)? can you really bring a new one to live via stress and it be more elabrate than the one that "was already there"? I am very, very intrigued. I must do research on this but wanted to know if anyone else is into this....

Happy Wedding Day!!

Mom, Dad, today is your 33rd Anniversary.

September 12, 1975


Thank you for being such a wonderful role model for Brian and I. Although the road isn't always easy, and other things get in the way, but you stick together and get through it. In a tough world you bring tough love and show that maybe it's not easy, but it's worth it. Love is worth it. Happiness is worth it.

Love ya Mom and Dad!