September 20th, 2008

Writer Block

School! *runs for the hills*

Well yesterday (friday) I went to the Elementary and talked to the Ass. Principal and found out that somehow over the summer my phone number was changed on their contact sheet - so all this time they have been trying to get a hold of me!! He said that there were several times when they have been through the list a few times, and I could have been subbing 5-6 times already. Whatev, I can't think about that. The point is that I subbed yesterday afternoon. For 3rd grade. Some may remember how I complained about 2nd grade - YUP I got some of the same lovely kids again. I'm surprised I wasn't horse or sending half of them to the principals!

Alas. The school also has Pre-K Aide and a 5th Grade position open. Sadly the 5th grade is Social Studies (I'm English, no matchy *sad face*) but I did ask the admin building to forward all the apps I have filled out to try for the Pre-K Aide. So prayers/thoughts/whatever for that please!

Last week I went to a ex-coworker's wedding and found myself, despite what I thought would happen, I really enjoyed myself. Wasn't to pleased to learn I had to pay $80 for a hair do, but I wore it for 3 days (and yes, I slept on it - it's called hairspray glued in) I think someone has a pic, so i'll load that up sometime. So came home last Sunday and than on Monday morning I went to San Antonio for 3 days with my friend for training. BLAST! It was basically about how to facilitate groups geared toward girls. Even so I have done many such groups, it was nice to learn it, and even some things I can use in teaching.

Been working at the store, we are finished with inventory (which we missed most of - hehe) but now we have massive work ahead of us to get all these movies moved from rental to sale. I'll be pulling for a while - and to help kill 2 things at once, I am also putting stickers on some of the rentals that will need stickers eventually. Basically it's a chaotic organized mess. We have less than no counter-space and still have to function... it's fun and frustrating all at the same time!

So, recap: I'm alive. Basically that's it.