September 26th, 2008



The kids have chased me down and sprayed me with germs!! The cold I was getting under control last week ( so I though) have come back and this afternoon I got the stiffness x10, throat scratchy and head a bit not with the rest of my body.

Yup. I have a fever. After I was reading some articles on how to curb the fall cold!! I did get someone to cover my shift, which was very nice since she is a)my boss (so ya part of her job) but b) she was in Waco, 25 min away. so i lost 4 hours of pay, BUT i subbed and I have gained a whole night to finally soak in the tub, since I am sooooo sore from walking and being around the kidd-os. and go to bed soonish.... or fall asleep in my chair and wake up every few hours. wee.

*eyes cup* need to make me hot tea. maybe start mac and cheese. the nice thing is I haven't been this sick since last year... so maybe I can just kick it el-quick-o (that TexSpanish btw). *long distance hug and goes to make tea*

ah icon, snggable... ya i made an icon for this post, so? isn't it purrty?