October 26th, 2008


Icon Awards! *revised*

Here is a link to the (slowly being updated) list of awards I have won for my silly icons. I am still in the process of making sure all the winning icons have banners - even if I am making them myself. Once more, any of my icons, winners and losers, are available for snagging, just ask, and I'll point you to them (if I can find them in my stack) and than please kindly credit me. Thanks to all who voted! I will try to update this every time I win another challenge.
Banner's new home!


I'm cleaning my bedroom in prep for tiah15's arrival sometime (she is still working on the details I think), and am *finally* unpacking my suitcase (fully) from my London/Germany trip in May. *sheepish grin* well...

So anyway, I opened the zippers, looking through some paper, and I see a blue book... could it be? I grabbed it and flipped it over - IT WAS MY PASSPORT!! I thought I lost my passport somewhere here in the States when I got back because for the LIFE of me, I couldn't find it! YEAH!! So now I can do midnight trips overseas should my finances ever be so nice. Not that I would, just saying I could. :)

So, while we are at it, let's do the beloved highs and lows!Collapse )

So short this time. Poetic, no? LOL. I've been listening to audio books, and earlier finished SG-1's Gift of the Gods read by the angelic Michael Shanks *siiiiigh* and now I am listening to SGA's A Necessary Evil read by the awesome Torri Higginson. I think after that I have still some Torchwood books to listen to. I finished the Torchwood book I bought in England, it was really good! I have tried to find all the audio books, and think I have 5 so far.

Atm, Aset is curled up in a drawer of freshly (and at one point semi-hair free) folded clothes, so I can't close it, but I don't really mind, I'm working around her. Isis seems to be kind of put out she doesn't get her own drawer to perch in, but is trying to explore the bag of garbage. So maybe that will entertain her for a bit.