November 11th, 2008



So was looking up something and saw this article on Egypt's newest discovery.

Makes me want to go home and write some SG diggy stuff... or makes me want to find all my half started fics set in Egypt (although I have yet to visit) and continue them. Oh why must we work today?

And, happy Vet's Day!! Cause I have some friends who are off today. I work in a goverment funded job, doesn't that count? :( which reminds me, if you are a Torchwood and Gwen/Jack fan, go hop over to jack_gwen_daily and write a bit about Jack and Vets. I know I need to do that to...


Pointless post to point out to you that there are 14 more days til I grow a year older!

Ok on to your much more important things...
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