December 6th, 2008


Happy Wedding Day!!

My dear ana_k and starbuck1980 may today be filled with love and laughter and joy, so much joy! This is the first day of forever and may this day just start that journey exactly how you both envisioned it!


You both know I'd have given anything to come, but to know I will see you both in 11 months is wonderful! Not soon enough though!! And best be believing I am designing a very special wedding gift, which as per usual, will be late. But hey, can't rush anything that's worth waiting for, right? *wink*

May the road look brighter than it did did before and the sun shine brighter. You both are precious friends and I am glad you found happiness in each other! *smothering hugs to you both*
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Oh blessed and wonderful solid food! Thee art a pleasure upon my lips! How I have missed thee for the past two days... now get in my tummy and don't make a sudden appearance!!

I think I may be better... 1/4 turkey sandwich gone and all is stable. Still waiting. Wish me (or my tummy) luck.
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