January 5th, 2009


First Day of School... wee!


On with more important things. Like kids. So, I am taking over for a teacher who is on maternity leave, and have found myself the new reading intervention teacher! I deal with kiddos from 3rd to 5th, and one class of 2nd graders. So far it's not so bad. I have about a month of this, and really, I am so glad it is Reading Intervention because that is part of what I want to do.

We all were tired - the kids and the teachers - but I think we are over all happy to be back. Of course we do have benchmarks in Feb, so that will be a blast to prepare for. And as if that wasn't bad enough, come April and May, we have TAKS! *head desk* I have to wounder why I want to be a teacher when all I will be doing is teaching to a frakin test in the end. I guess I can always pull something out of my arse and equate Hemingway, Shakespeare, Poe and Frost to some TAKS thing... they have about 20 gazillion of them!

So over all I am glad I have a steady job back, even so the break wasn't nearly as long, and a bit stilted because of working at the store, but over all I am looking forward to the paycheck. Oh sweet payday!

Ah and those "hooker heels" in the icon. Sadly, remorsefully, not mine. No, too tiny of feet for me. However I did find some retro looking heels over the weekend, not my size, but they will have a shipment, so maybe! AH! And car speakers!! Got them installed and managed to chat with mom the whole way back so not a proper checking them out yet... but I will have time... between jobs, life and that thing called sleep.

Edit: GABIT, HERE I COME!!! I got on and saw an email from Tia, and now I am at ease (thanks Becks - I was gonna email but my email decided to be gay before I went to school, so no emailing you) and know for sure I better start packing (no, ok. in a few months get started *wink* and keep my passport handy for when I flee across the pond. But more exciting is I'm gonna see all of my friends again, and AMANDA! again... *happy girly fan of fannish sigh* /edit

*smooshy flist* keep makin that money!