January 6th, 2009


Just a quick note drop...

Come by and join at_in_london a commuinty for Amanda Tapping Conventions, namely the GABIT-y ones! At the moment we are looking at AT4, so even if you are not going, but have been to a AT event, join us and chat!

After at_3 com, I figured to make one all enclusive - in hopes that Amanda Tapping will continue to want to hang with us fans in London. Hence the name - AT in London! Ain't I so very clever?

So ya, pimp, join, sign up for some of the things I have up there... and I'll try to have some more things to make it interesting and as up to date (read stuff others know but those of us who work and live in caves haven't heard yet) as I can.

So once more, come by and sign up for at_in_london :) and see YOU in London!!