January 10th, 2009


I think...

I think I may be moving. I hope soon.

I talked to a landlord of another duplexes/apartment buildings, and mentioned I knew several of the tenants, ok one family, and what not. He said that the places are all full/about to be, and maybe a few vacancies to come up "soon". I asked what the timeframe was, and he didn't know. Ok. Sure.

So I told him about my situation, can't hurt to tell him why I need to move... and basically it boils down to that I have lived here for 2.5 years and suddenly I am having all these plumbing issues. Remember when I had my sink backed up with... crap? Ya doing it again. After my neighbors called a plumber a second time. They said the second time that the pipes to the sewers would need to be replaced and that the kitchen ones may need to be replaced/repaired as well. Oh. Joy.

He said well, the apartment (which would be a tad bigger then the one I have) hasn't been painted and the last tenants had done some damage to the the place. I told him I don't mind painting (maybe I could even paint it MY COLORS) and what not, that I am just sick of having all this to deal with, that I am not here during the day, and have 2 jobs, so don't have time to deal with not being able to use my sink or my kitchen - AGAIN. He said to call on Monday after I get off from school. COOL! I have an hour before I go to work at the store, so maybe I can get this thing nailed down.

Mom and Dad also support me in moving if I need to. Not that they have much say, but I am a family person, so they matter to me. It's about $80 more in rent, but I wouldn't have to pay as many bills... and I may break even in the end, but it'd be in a better duplex. I mean seriously, sometimes when I am sitting in bed, like now, the whole bed will shake... and it's the whole house swaying! Ok it's a bit windy, and I live near a train tack, but it will do that when NOTHING IS GOING ON. The nice thing about the other apartments is that it's close, like 5 minute walk time. So doesn't cut down on commute, but it does mean I don't have to wait for trains. Because it's on the "other side of the tracks" - and even closer to the train. But I'm so used to it, louder will not be a big deal, and my friends haven't complained that the noise is horrible, so we shall see.

Also, a HAPPY BELATED and UP COMING January B-days to my flist! I'm sorry you get smooshed in this entry too. If i wouldn't say it now, it would go out of my brain... you know me at the moment!!

Ah, and lastly, I am seriously leaning toward taking a second cert. for 4-8 either as a generalist (Math, English, Social Studies, and Science) or in plain English, so I can drop down to the lower grades to find a job. I am thinking Generalist than I can teach anything (save Math... me and numbers are a long story) and not paint myself in a box.

Thoughts on the post?