January 28th, 2009


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*smiles and waves*

Hi f-list! Yes I have been reading and sometimes commenting. Been busy working, sleeping little, freezing in my house, and preparing myself for another MEGA!BIG test... yes, my friends, I am going to be studying to widen my scope to teach to 4th to 8th Grades, as a Generalist, which means I could teach Science, Math, Social Studies and English, to be displayed next to my already hard earned 8th to 12th Grade English concentration.

*freaks out* No, like really, whose bright idea was it to make myself more marketable? Of course the good news is that the school is chomping at me to stay with them next year as a teacher. *nods* Sure, if you offer me a job. Yes, I know that is how it normally works... just sayin.

And cause I am not pushing myself sometimes enough (hey, I'm the first one to admit I like to slack), I took on VOLUNTEERING to help with tutoring. Volunteering you say? As in no pay? And it's after school? Yes... Collapse )

Store work is ok. There are more days I am wanting to quit then work, but what job doesn't have that effect? I think it's the fact I have set my mind that I am going to leave there when I have a teaching job, so even so that job is more than a semester away, I am restless. Whatever.

Moving situation, I don't remember if I said or not... and I am to lazy/tired to look... but I am not moving, even so a change in scenery would be lovely, AND having central heat would be heaven at the moment, I don't know where I will end up in 6 months. I may get a job here or near town, or I may get one further away, so why move now, only to have to pack up and move again (possibly) at the end of the semester? *iz smart*

So far I am really back to where I was at the start of the school year. I love subbing, the fun of the random, but I am really starting to crave a bit of stability and have my own class. I love these students and enjoy the time we are together (some classes more than others, obviously) but to have my own roster of kids would be golden. But I am thankful that until that happens I have a full-time job!

Anyhow, I'm gonna finish watching BSG. Just had to come by and chat! *squishy yous guys!*
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