February 6th, 2009


Oh dear God...

Leave it to me to be able to separate my battery charger pieces. I thought I had lost it, or left it in Dallas, so looked on ebay to buy another, when I opened my camera bag to get my battery out, and I thought, "Self, maybe we should look on the side pockets, one more time" (self is pretty smart.) Found the part where you hook the battery into! So now hunt for the cord. Granted I had put dinner on too, so ya, I'm surprised I haven't found a way to boil my noodles back to hardness. So I look in the kitchen/dinning room (don't. ask. Ani, you have been warned) No joy. Looked in the livingroom, nope. Hm... maybe on my desk in the bedroom? Damn, woke Isis up, sorry hon. Mommy being stupid, just go back to sleep... I spy my backpack and by the bathroom light (don't want to wake the Isis up again) I dig, and shuffle, and... JOY!! Found the cord.

*head desk* Soooo... I'm recharging battery for tomorrow's baby shower, and to get off some cute pics of the kids... like the one I just took of Aset hanging out of the cat tower, asleep... well not when I took the pic, since I had to get my battery out of my newly found battery charger.

Moral: Christine will put all camera equipment in the bag that she bought with the camera. Hence why we went with that package deal. *do'h!*
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