February 19th, 2009


Meme! Tagged by lots of people!

Pick 10 people and give them the "you make my day" award. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own.

I was named in several... Honestly? Really? Do we know each other? Oh-kay... *grin* There isn't a plaque big enough for ya'll!

tia15 - I am so loving our American Idol watching - from different countries! I feel like you are in the room, but above and beyond that, you totally know how to make me smile and laugh when I am being selfish and dumb. Thanks!

luxuria_oceanus - Sissy! My ANI who really is like... wow. How did we ever function before we met over comment wars? And how will we function once we become roommates? SCARY! But you have also been the one to nudge me (hard) and make me smile when I am not so sunny. You be awesome!

jessm78 - Most likely the longest pre-LJ friend I have had which has come to LJ friend. You are made of awesome. From the love of Sam and Daniel to talking about EVERYTHING via long dang emails, you have become a person I can depend on and bounce ideas, betas, fannish squees and reflections of life. You are real rock, thanks!

starbuck1980 - From the night debates on how awesome Sam and Daniel are to seeing how far you have grown in your personal life, I can only say it's been a blessing to know you. Life has gotten in the way recently, and we don't talk as much as we did, but you are an awesome friend who keeps me grounded. You are much loved!

dine7184 - You introduced me to CSI:NY and D/L. I'll forever hate you! You are creative, funny, and a blast to chat with. You have the most fantastic fannish fics I get to beta. You are an amazing friend. Ich leibe dich, meine Freunde.

sammyjayne - I have to thank Starbuck for introducing us last year. You not only put up with two strangers, but you have actually kept talking to me! HAHA! You remind me that life isn't always a bed of roses, but that we can always look toward our friends and those things that makes us happy and remember why we need to smile. I can't wait to spend more time with you in November!

pr1nce55k1tcat - I've said it once, or a few times, I forget, but it is true - I love your posts. I feel like I could be next to you reading them. You are an awesome person who is fighting to keep ahead, and you remind me not to give up, because something better is bound to happen. If it's as simple as the Rhinos winning a game!

vixen_logic - Talented and deep come to mind. You make some of the best manips, and post some of the most awesome cultural news. I'd love to come and visit your country which you are so passionately proud of and see how beautiful it must be. You defend Sparky and History. What else could make me smile? *GRIN*

little_whispers - SAMMI! Comment wars are so fun! You are a blast to chat with when I can catch you - ya know when your pesky mom isn't taking your internet, and my pesky life isn't sucking me dry. You make some of the funniest posts, and also make some of the most honest ones. You are just too cool for words!

niseag03 - I am SO glad you tracked me down when I worked at the paper. You not only helped this poor clueless city girl, but you also became my friend. Through you I live the rockstar wife's life (no matter what you say, tis cool!) and have a talented friend. I love reading your posts and looking at the pics because it just is so down to Earth and REAL. Rock on!

And apparently if you were the 10 I choose, you can do this meme. But honestly, I had to search through my flist for a bit since I could most list all of you... and really you are all here because of 2 things: You're crazy and found me and stayed AND because each of you touch me with your posts, personal words, art, fanish squees and just you being YOU (which is always made of awesome)! So to each of my flisters - I LOVE YOU (as said by one of my friend's kids) from God to Hell! (which according to her, is VERY VERY much - and I have to agree!)

PS. If you are dumb and are me, you have just learned that boiling eggs and forgetting they are boiling is BAD. However, this is a quick way to shell eggs, because apparently they will pop, scare you shitless and burst out of the pot, having boiled all the water out, and land next to the pot, cracked open and sizzling. Only me. Honestly. Only me.