March 1st, 2009


really? it's frakin 1:30 AM!!

Dear Neighbors:

THANK YOU for cluing me in that tonight is "when your neighbor comes home, blast your music before she wants to go to bed" Day. Because obviously I missed that on my calender. How could I be so dumb! Oh I know, because I actually work everyday!

You starting this music around midnight really isn't very helpful to me wanting to actually LISTEN to what my shows are saying, nor the fact that I can't find my headphones. I shouldn't have to wish my computer was louder on some shows because the walls are vibrating. The fact that I can hear your beat, music, or whatever that is, in my BATHROOM, which has 2 walls, AND dead space (aka my library landing) between your mega booming, is rather disturbing. As in, it's 1:30 AM and I am sorta finally getting tired, and I can STILL HEAR IT.

You are close to being called out for a noise violation. I saw flashing lights a street over and thought even my neighbors ACROSS THE STREET could hear your impromptu house party, but alas, Scanner says no. I am a patient woman (ask all the non-dead kids I teach, or maybe YOUR child who likes to steal and dump my pots over) but I am about to call the police. I know they know who you are AND where you live. And no, it's not because I have called them on you. I have actually NEVER called the cops on someone before... but you are edging me close to a first time experience.

(the very tired now, and edgy girl who knows the cops by name - and has personal phone numbers)

PS. I suppose it is slightly better than your boyfriend beating you up, but still... turn the shit off at midnight, ya know, like a real human!
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