March 11th, 2009



My boss called and she just finally saw the Twilight movie - and she LOVED IT! But of course!!! Mine is waiting for me in the box - one week more til release on Sat. 21 and it's so close!

I am doing the release "party" at the store, and am making a "Welcome to Forks" sign to stand up in the middle of the store. One of the other workers is making an outside sign, and maybe one that will "hang" inside. Trust me, pictures pictures pictures!

Right now we are also hooking the release up with Relay for Life, a cancer society. I'll try to put a link to our team so you too can help us raise some money to help cure cancer. I am looking forward to the release, even so I am sure not many people will be there... we are going to have a blast - especially since my boss and I are die-hard fans!

Also, it's a costume thing... so I am dressing like Alice. If you have any advice in garb (what to wear) I'd be grateful. I have some ideas, but don't know if I can make it all work... We shall see!!

*squeezes Cullens*

ps. it's cold and rainy and cold!! I feel like I am living in Forks already! Just need to watch some Moonlight to get some vamps!