March 15th, 2009


OMG - It's almost here!!

I'm busy uploading pics, so I am sure by the time I am done with this post, I can go back and fill in the pics!

I am watching Twilight - with commentary - but I am so excited to announce that I am done with my Twilight "Welcome to Forks Washington" sign!! I don't have a finished pic yet since I finished it at work and didn't have my camera. Yea I know, I should be fired! But here are some Collapse )

And to not stop the fun, som quick pics of my new classroom - that's right kiddos I have a classroom! Still a sub, but have my own class (unless they need me and than they can use the other computer teacher!)Collapse )

And SPRING BREAK! I get to go home, see my mommy, and daddy and my brother and get meals I don't have to pay for or cook! YEAH! Oh yes, and STUDY! cause my test is T-minus 3 weeks! Eep! More pics tomorrow I hope! Night!