March 20th, 2009



I think my oven may explode... I am trying to think when the last time it was used so much in one day... And I think it was when Tia was here. Ya, it's gonna blow!

Made cake!
Making cupcakes!
Have batter left, so more cupcakes to replace the ones I will have to test!

I went to the store, and omg, it looks awesome, not maybe professional, cause, hello, I'm planning this, but it looks freakin awesome. I think it's funny how others (not here, cause I am the only sci-fi fan for miles and miles) are having Frak Parties for the end of BSG, and I am having a Midnight Release Party for Twilight. Oh how geek am I!?

So, am taking pics of my bloody cakes (literally since they are *HEHEHE* RED velvet) and am waiting for the cake to cool so I can ice it and than let that harden I guess and do the words... I am thinking simply "Twilight" in the twilight font? Shall we push the bounds of Chris' creativity? Oh and to keep tin the mood, Twilight the OST is playing. *nods* I am glad no one comes to visit since I am doing my "Super Massive" dance...

I have a request to take a pic of me as "Alice" so I shall oblige. I wanted to already do a test pic sometime this week, while I was at my parents, but alas, that time flew by like a black hole! So I am hoping to put some products (eek!) into this hair of mine, get it kinda spiky, or flipped up on the ends and than figure out if the flowy sleeves is more Alice, or the pretty b/w top I now have necklaces made to go with, work better. Of course I did make an Alice/Cullen crest necklace - of course that pic will come soon too. I am busy loading my iPod, and need to dig a blank CD up to burn the OST, to be playing at the store... No they will not get my copy. :P

Next: look for trivia, find CD, boil slowly to death in the HOT kitchen while I air it out (honestly, I need to fix my damn screen cause the cats beg to look out, and atm I have their crate *a dog crate* in front of the hole and Aset is sitting on top, watching the birds) and figure out what I missed, cause surely my part isn't done yet! It's been a tad easier than I thought!!

*does Edward move, and brings Flist up tree!*