April 1st, 2009


So who's with me....

Ok, new month (yeah) new resolve!

I know we are all thinking we are FAT and UGLY (common, I am NOT the only one who has that monster on her shoulder!) and we are worried about summer, up coming events, or just ... needing to get back to whatever our mind said was "perfect" on us. So, today, I did something for myself, and would like (aka need) my girls on board with me! Need support! So let's do it... Collapse )

So, if you are on board, want the tips in an email, leave a comment - I'll make a filter for us! I know "everyone" has done a diet... but has "everyone" offered to be your support buddy, maybe even recipe swap partners? Uh-hmm... so why not?

In other news:Collapse )

So yeah, a pretty nice April 1st post, donchasay? If nothing else, it was ... interesting? Sadly I am not in a classroom where I would have practical jokes done to me... of course, I am working at the store tonight...