April 7th, 2009



You know you are still too much of a fan girl when your cats look at you when you are packing your lunch and you notice they both have golden eyes (well Aset's change through out the day... weeeeeiiiiirrrrd. Isis' is plain ol' lovely deep gold) and think, and yes, ask your girls, "You related to the Cullens?" and "Do you plan to eat me?"

However with a healthy gold in their eyes, I don't think they will want my sweet smelling human blood. *nods* *points to icon* I mean, common, how can something so cute and rarely cuddily want to take a chunk out of you?

But yes, you know you fan girl much when moment. *oi*

In other not so random, yet perhaps interetingly linear news...

* Test iz DONE. Now, 3-4 weeks wait. Say it with me, friends, *tick tock tick tock*
* Already have game plan incase I am made of fail and have to take it again. The test felt pretty good. But you never know, could be a false sense of hope.
* Mom is leaving for Germany tomorrow. *iz sad* And the odd thing is I just got my new room spray scents in and I was like "Damn I wish I could run these by mom, she'd love them!" *la sigh*
* Going home to see Dad and brother this weekend for Easter. YEAH! I hear talk of... grilling.
* The 5th grade kiddos are taking their actual real TAKS (Texas standardized testing) test today - Math I think.
* 4 day weeks are bliss
* Talked to jessm78 on Sat for 2hrs 49min and it felt so good! I missed my talk and catch up.
* Still doing the 30-day Jump Start Diet... and would love for you to join! Leave a comment and I'll get ya set up! So far there is 3 of us, and we'd love to have you join in!

Right-o. So let's cap: Chris thinks her cat's belong to the Cullen Clan. She is waiting 3-4 weeks to see if she passed her test. Going home for Easter, mom going to Germany, likes short weeks, and is doing diets with friend.

Normal week.