April 15th, 2009


Makes Me Happy: Day 1

I was tagged by tiah15 to do the 8 day makes me happy meme. Or so I dubbed it.

So... Day 1.

While I was tripping along on to work, in a field of daisies... Oh reality. I'm happy I can day dream while my kids are on the computer. Is that bad?

dirty_diana's post about Michael Shanks, had me laughing because, although I think he should be worshiped for giving us Daniel, he is rather self-centered. But I can't say anything because I too would wear too tight shirts if I looked that hot. *goes back to day dreaming*

I helped with the special needs kids for the morning between classes, and one of the little boys I walked down the hall in his walker and we were laughing that he "ran" down the halls. At lunch he said he would tell his mom he ran down the halls, and I said he better since he is the only person who can run down the halls and we be praising him. He's a cutie to the core.

Also this icon. I could stare at it all day. For obvious reasons. I'm having a fangirl moment. Move on. Nothing to see here....

Ah! Got my taxes in early (ok yesterday).

edited because I forgot to squee and gush: I got an external Hard drive over the weekend! I have named it "Atlantis" because it's so far away. I also bought a 4 port USB Hub to expand my 2 USB on Mac (the lappy, Tia helped name it Mac because it's a Macintosh, and also because Mac from CSI:NY) which I want to put tap on and name it "Hub."

I had thought about naming the Hub "Sam" (for Carter) and the external "Daniel) (for Jackson) since Sam is always bringing Daniel information... but than would I have to start naming my thumb drives? I don't even have a name for my car, let alone my 'puter equipment!