April 18th, 2009


Day 2: Things that make me Smile

Um, was this meme supposed to be 8 days back to back? Cause I am made of fail, so everyone would have to know I would have... failed on that.


Made me happy on Saturday:

* Had a random message from a person thanking me for my Moonlight drabbles and fics. *blush like mad* It made my muse happy and I felt good.
* Won some final round banners from moonlightrumble so that was awesome. Tied with tiah15 for best individual icon. I think her's was better.
* Went to a job fair and it went well. Still need to finish my app for my school. But it was nice others seemed to like me too. Who knew.

And because I haven't spammed my own journal, or any other with my icons in a bit...Collapse )