April 20th, 2009


LMSO! (laughing my socks off)

Ok, first, I know I should have posted my daily (backlog) of diet stuff. What? You didn't notice ladies? Well just continue to munch and crunch on that carrot with your bad selves...

Second. I am look at pics and am jealous someone thought of this already. What is Chris going on about NOW? Sisterhood of the Traveling Socks... I KNOW RIGHT!! How cool is that? Major cool-o factor, yo. *my kids would die of laughter if they read that*

Soo.... in the RANDOM!Brainfunction that is known as Chris' thinking... how about we do our own "traveling socks"? I have this cute (or not) pair of black and with a flower on the top, knee high-highs, or in my case almost thight highs... I can't wear them - hello, short, stubby legs? - but am willing to photo me in them. *cue retard moment*

So, who wants in? Comment with an addy and we can figure this thing out. Hell, it's better than Traveling Pants, cause there are only so many magical pants out there, and I don't own one. :) So I'll take a pic and put it up here... soon.

: Remember that retard moment I was talking about... well I found one half of the socks... and not a clue where the other one is. So Mission 1 is, clean my house. Mission 2 is if people want to do this, find some socks. Or I have a pair of men's suspenders...