April 23rd, 2009


Are there any cat-reconditioning classes I can go to?


Can you like un-rescue a cat? Cause Aset is just... MEOW!!!!! Last night in eager anticipation for a house guest (my dad is coming down this weekend!) I cleanned the living room (I KNOW!) and pulled the air mattress out. Yeah! So I think, I'll blow this up, and watch Bones... ya. Got out the vacuum cause I'm full of hot air, but not that much. So get it all blowed up,only to watch it slowly sink. O...k.... so I try to find the leakage. Hole, small. bite size because it was rolled up. Patched after cursing, with tape. That's all I had handy! So blewdy it back up... more leakage. Grr... another small. bite. size hole. I'm ready to go CSI on my cat's ass and figure out who done it. I can tell you her initials are ASET as the prime suspect.

Cause... here comes the problem.... she chews on tons of stuff. blinds (ok Isis too) ribbons, cords, air mattressess apparently, rips paper, it's annoying and destructive. No putting her out as an outside cat is not an option. and she had toys, we call them her mousies... and she is carrying and playing with them... my next door neighbor's kid knocked my plants over so I don't have cat nip growing.... I am .... AAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA

How do you train a cat to stop chewing or biting on cardboard, corners or anything she deems "her's" and "chewable" cause I swat her when she does and than she will look at me and do it again. I swear one of my 5th graders is trapped in my cat.
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