April 27th, 2009



Omt... really? REALLY?

*happy dance of joyous joy!*

I think my neighbors think I am crazy. Um, sorry guys.

But ... ZOMG!! Sent an email out, and txt (yes in retrospect this is not the kind of news one wants a txt.. but I needed a fast and effective way to tell people) and since I don't have most of ya'll's emails, or phone numbers (be glad says those who have had to talk to me. Be very glad.) I will also spam my own journal with the news, cause hello, my news, and hell, I have talked a lot about it, and you deserve to know... so why don't I stop prattling on (yes I said or rather typed "prattle" means to go on senselessly and without meaning... so I prattle alout!)

I passed my English/Social Studies Test!!

*cues party like a rock star*

*and more dancing of happy*

*and more squees and hopes plans of celebration will happen with RL and in town friends*

Common, ya'll know you want to fly to absolutely frakin no where Texas!! See the school that will *hopefully* hire me. Gaze upon this years 4th grade and imagine me molding their minds in the 5th grade (if I get the job).... I have premission to take over the classroom!!!!!!

*more squee's of squeedome and  few more happy dance steps*
And now, back to your regularly scheduled prattling of whatever I prattle about.
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