April 28th, 2009


Day 5: What makes me happy

- PASSED my test!! (fail: have to prepare for another final exam I have to take at the end of my first year to be fully certified)
- WOOT-ed and bought shirts! 2 the shirt of the day, cute breakfast food items dancing (what? It's the most important meal of the day AND you don't have to feel guilty about wearing the shirt up til Lunchtime) and one with the words to "Nevermore" (totally English!Geek) by Poe (my all time fav. writers... he's dark and twisted) I ordered my brother the shirt of the day (and I have one too) for his b-day.
- soon it will be my 500th post here!


In other news...
- I'm tired and don't want to work tonight.
- My principal was excited to hear I passed... I'm sure he will dig my app out and set me up asap
- I need to figure out what I will make for my friend's birthday presents. Want to get it done and sent before postal rates rise.
- Same for my camera
- Just realized this time last year I was busy packing for my first trip to London to meet my friends and see Amanda Tapping for the first time. Wow seems like forever ago!
- Need to drop my app off at the admin building