April 30th, 2009


Poist 500! Day 6 of Makes me Happy

- Post number 500!!! *dance dance*
- almost the weekend!
- bought another Shirt from the Durby for the Brother. I think he will love that one. Maybe more than the breakfast one. I may give the breakfast one to Dad...
- Cause today is his Birthday!! Happy Birthday Daddy!!


In other news... Mom is coming home in a week! The Brother's birthday is in a week! Flist people's birthdays are coming up in two weeks! I need to start putting packages together... so behind.

I am looking if I want to get a new lappy... I have an iMac Indigo computer which I *thought* was working, but I guess was sitting there for a wee too long, so I need to find the retore software cause that computer has stuff I need to get off before I can sell it (potentially). The nice thing is once it's all working again and not cranky and put out since I don't use it anymore, it has/had Photoshop 7 on it. And ran OS10.something just fine. It was an excellent computer and I know they are hard to find. I just hope I can get it working again to really be able to sell it.

I found some movies I am actually looking forward to see. Not that I can't find joy in off the wall B-rated movies, but these are like interesting and really want to see ones. :)

Ok, well that's all.