May 12th, 2009

global warming

Pimpage of New Com

Are you tired of wanting to talk about something either political or an issue you believe in strongly, only to be told you are dumb to be talking about it on your own LJ? (nod yes, we all have gotten the flame and de-friend notice)

If so, please join the new discussion and debate com - reasoned_voices. It's a community for reason, for debate, for intelligent debate and thinking. I believe the more we learn about things, the more informed we become.

If you want to talk about things going on in your country, in your head, or things you wish you could talk about to others, join. If you are not afraid for an actual intelligent debate, have people comment with other views, don't bash, support your views, and become an informed citizen, join!

reasoned_voices - Intelligent Debate where Information is power.

Happy Birthday Emma!!

Happy Birthday Emma!! I'm sad that this year's cake wasn't as yummy as the one we made last year, but I hope the events are just as rich and fabulous!



Love you and can't wait to see you in November to give you the hug this small note contains! :D