May 26th, 2009


Movin' and Groovin'

Man! I love music. I have been spending my long weekend doing nothing but vegging, a small amount of work at the store on Sunday, watching movies, catching up with AI and jammin!

And I have to say, my quest to find Vitamin String Quartets Tribute to Janet Jackson was an epic fail but thank goodness for iTunes as a backup. I purchased "Control" which was featured on last year's So You Think You Can Dance and I have been JAMMIN! Thank goodness no one lives with me, sorry Ani and Tia, because I literally was movin' till I was sweatin'! Who needs gyms when you can find some awesome songs to pump into your ears and move like you never moved before! I had to stop a few times to catch my breath, and dude, I so needed to towel off - i'm surprised there isn't a sweat stain under my feet!

I also cut my hair!

and after:

(sorry if this is the last post you can view because the image of me rendered your computer useless... um.. opps?)

oh and this:

oh and cool cat...

Seven (7) more days and school is out for the summer! *wild happy dance* And no job prospect, but I am widening my search... so applied to a small school this afternoon 2 hours away, will apply to some schools 4 hours FROM ME and.. as Mom said, we will work something out so we'd see each other. *kicks dumb life* idiot. why couldn't you just have chosen a easier profession?

Florida update... we're coming! Just thought I'd let all Floridians know so they can prepare accordingly incase my presence is too much and sinks the state.

OH and AI update - because I saw the final - OMG!!! It was awesome and hillarious, and even so I knew who had won all this time, I still was like YEAH!!!!!!! NOT ADAM!!! WE LOVE YOU KRIS *KITTY AND CHRIS KISSES* I'm not surprised that Adam has been looked at by bands. I think his skreeching voice would be perfect for Queen (which I love), but I am glad he didn't win. His voice got a bit grading at the end. But Danny,.... oh sweet sweet Danny, he will be designing eye glass frames... I think I may have to buy some frames after all. MMMMmmm...

Right... so anyhow. Sweatin' pounds off pwns the gym, weekends should all be 3 or 4 days, hair cut, kitties, school is almost over, and Florida could sink, and AI pawns.