June 3rd, 2009


Post 515: Summer!

Ok so I don't remember if I actually finished my "8 days of what makes me happy" and if I didn't than this should make up for the lost days.

- Interview out in Lohn... wow. SMALL place, but awesome people. Monday they will call, and I suppose if they offer me I should take it, I can always back out of my contract... need to find out how long I have.

- Managed to get lost 3 times out there!

- Got a call from the High School (here in Marlin) and was offered the ELA (English/Language Arts) summer school position! *supper happy dance with flailing* So I need to pick up my books and this weekend learn what I have to teach, I see fun and lots of stress.

- Since I'm hired, I can't go to FL - Sorry Erin!! :*( Possible trip in July, and as Mom said, it could be as smiple as bringing kitties to Dallas and hanging out on their couch. Now if they only had a pool...

- Need to clean the house! Bug man is coming to spray the outside... I'll have to call and get them to spray inside too. I see the kitties looking intently at the walls, and under the cabnets. Can't be good. That and if I move, I need things clean so I can begin to pack. Cause packing is messy. Go figure.

- I hope I get a shipping letter soon. I ordered a new power cord, since my other one seems to not want to charge right and when I looked, was actually showing wires! So I electical ducked it, and jerry-rigged it to make sure it works... not safe, but I need you! SO new cord on it's way... *stares at inbox* NOW!

Today is the last FULL day of school. Early release tomorrow. Work tonight, tomorrow night have comedy show, Friday morning I have Austin teaching fair, and that night I will take over for someone elses shift at work. But ya. Got a summer job, really teaching, with real high schoolers, in real English, and I'm over the frakin moon, but scared shitless too!

Ok off to work I go... 1.5 days till FREEEEEE (til next Monday)