June 8th, 2009


Summer School: Day 1

First Period: 7. Mix of 9th, 10th and 12th

Second Period: 1. 9th

Third Periond: 0. *chirp chirp*

Over all: Way high expectations of students... will have to modify tomorrow's lesson plans!


*sigh* ok so first day and EVERYONE is all kinds of confused. Periods are only 2 hours, so have to cover a lot in that. Already had one try to leave because her work scheduled her in the middle of my class. Too bad. She stays here. I can pass or fail you, and than if you fail, no graduating.

I'm finding I'll have to pull passages of literature that is.. interesting and reading level appropriate. Apperantly what I have is a bit hard. Opps. So I'll be pulling more reading comprehension worksheets AND passages - even if I have to type them in myself, since I have to come up with the questions - and a list of prompts. I am in the middle of trying to find that master list from prompt_in_a_box but can't locate... Ani, some help maybe? Some more eyes?

On that note... my power cord has officially sucked it's last electron and I don't have a computer at home. Damn. So power cord I had ordered last week is on it's way. Sadly didn't see it is coming from HONG KONG until it was too late... so I hope it arrives today. Or soon. I need my computer!! Besides the obvious to spy on you all but to watch shows and do my icons. *sigh* oh what a time to epic fail!

So, so far I'm ok. I think I'll have students for all 4 weeks... since most failed both semesters I think. I'll have to double check with the office. It's so hectic! And I'm sure more will be added tomorrow... I can do it. I can do it...