June 30th, 2009


not dead.... well, not yet at any rate.

Well today was bunches of crap.
- work called and i had to run there to take care of things i forgot last night at close. my brain is not working. i mean like at all these days... opps. sheesh.
- i lost a filling on sunday and will see the devil dentist tomorrow. thankfully it clicked that 11am is in the middle of my second class, so i can be there for my first and third class. joy unto the kids.
- found out i don't know what 'certified' means, and thus have somewhat shot myself in the foot, and instead of earning $20/hr, it's $10/hr. so it's still a full months paycheck longer, just not the double helpful one i was looking forward to.
- since i am not certified (only in content areas, which contrary to my thinking for the past year, means absolutly fraking nothing really) i had to find out HOW to be certified. i paid $112 for some TX cert thing and fingerprinting. i get fingerprinted on thursday in Waco. yeah for close by place. boo this may mean i have to pay more money since i am cert. in 2 content areas. hell i have no idea.
-/+ HS has now an English position. i'm to tired to do the happy dance, so here is some wiggling of the head. yeah. in order to be considered, i have to get a letter from my alternative cert place saying they would recommend me for temp or perm cert. back to that place above and more money. whatev.
+ i am dog sitting so a few extra dollars to my pocket
- i think they have bedbugs or somthing that is eating me like i am food. i itch. not helping the mood.
- they don't have internet
+ i don't have to be there until late evening/night, so i am in my house, with nothing trying to nibble except my cute kitties who i miss at night
- i am tired
-/+ i am hooked on True Blood. i just finished the short lived, yet well plotted Point Pleasant a 2004 or so TV series
- i hate having a gapping hole the size of the grand canyon in my mouth
- i was still semi crying infront of a student today because i was so frustrated, re: the crap of the beginning of this post
- i am worried that all the school stuff has put me back and all i may be able to look forward to this next year is more subbing. wee.
+ i don't have to take my last test soon because i am in an alternative program. saving grace.

and cause there is too much negative in this post... um. tell me what's crackalacking in your life? aka what's going on.