July 13th, 2009


Torchwood: Mini Series

Bloody hell. What's the bloody point! Ok so we all went from HELL YES! TW is back! to OMFG! What the bloody hell!?

And yes I am speaking now in a Welsh accent.

I have no words. Besides that I am glad I waited to see it in all one go. It was fucking bloody fantastic, that. But jeez I think my brain can't ever warp around Torchwood again. And the ending. Dear gawd. Can a TV show make you an emotional wreck? YES!

I have to agree, I think the slammed the door on the series. *sobs*

PC Andy: "Who's the father?" - we all know. And it wasn't the man in the back seat.

I have to ask, did they HAVE to fill EVERY scene with the fact Jack and Ianto were shagging? Wanting so shag? Were planning to shag? ("The beans are almost done") Blech.

I want to do a fic, but how do you FIX THAT? I'm to in shock. SHOCK to do anything. So sorry this is the second post for July. Um a better one with a real update and I swear something bloody relevant will be posted... soonish.

*wonders off*