July 16th, 2009



Shuffle, the lovingly loved green matte finished iPod Shuffle, has shuffled and pipped out it's last song as of 5:57p.m. today.

After going to the Mac Genius Bar earlier in the day, Shuffle was diagnosed with an incurable and un-replaceable dead hard drive.

"She charges when docked into the wall, but the computer doesn't recognize it," Mike the Genius said. He gave several options, but all were the same: Shuffle wouldn't last long.

Her owner went in search for a new Shuffle, but didn't find the same green matte finish, and thought she would be be forced to buy one off Apple.com. However, after a few car trips, Shuffle still hanging on, her owner decided to get a new green Shuffle, even so it wasn't the same coloring.

"I love Shuffle, and she has been great to me for the last year and half. I am sad to see her go," her owner said. "However, I think she was happy when she went, because she was in the middle of the Twilight soundtrack and was pipping away."

Shuffle is now replaced with Shuffle Too: Pinapple's Return.

RIP Shuffle of old Hello Shuffle of new
*updated with real coloring of Shuffle. We apologize for misrepresenting the Shuffle.
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