July 28th, 2009


Warning: Explosive

Ok so I have needed to update you all out here on LJ-land since, well, that's only proper and nice. :)

So if you saw the new avatar, go ahead and look at it if you didn't, it's ok if you missed it, I am officially a TEACHER! Yup, signed my contract today, and started to bring in some things. AKA, one crate worth of supplies.

I have briefly met the other teachers - like when summer school began - so I don't know any of them, but everyone says that we have a strong English Department and team. Yeah! Cause if I am they only bumbling idiot, we can all rest easy. I have several trainings I have to go to and one more I still have to sign up for, but all is listed on my calender, so I hope my brain will not erase the need to check that every 5 minutes. Cause that would be bad. I'm on a schedule now.

So what will I be doing? I'll be teaching 10th and 11th grade (15-16ish age range) back to back, with some other classes like reading help and test prep. Ya, it will be interesting. I think I am more nervous/can't really believe it's happening to be like off the wall OMGHAPPY!... but I hope that will come into place when I start to make posters and decorate MY CLASSROOM.

I went up there today to drop things off, and it's ... white. *shudders* I am putting color in by having most of my things orange. HAHAHA - my alma mater (college I graduated from) colors are Orange and White (go bearkats!) so it seems really fitting!! I just can't wait to finally hang on the door "Ms. Kern's English Class" *grins*

I hope to get my curriculum next week. On Friday I am going to training on the new curriculum and some other training after that. New hire day is Aug 18, in-service is Aug 19-20, prep day (aka PANIC) is Aug 21 - and school starts Aug 24. Two weeks later is Monday off as a holiday. Two days the week of Thanksgiving is in-service, then 3 weeks later two gloriously, blissful weeks OFF.


I think I am ready. I will feel a lot better when I can look at the books and map out where I want to go. I will pretend to be organized, and know what I am doing. Just look for me in the closet if I don't come out ... I may be curled up in a ball.

Ok, well really, that's all that has been going on. I haven't had much else to do but sit around and panic, worry, catch up on TV, sleep and little else. I finally have a grown up job again!!